03 February 2006

Giving up isn't ALWAYS bad

Because sometimes it finally works the third time. I was working on this today at work, and my faith in my ability to knit with perfectly straight lines is restored.... Which is good because I was seriously yikesing at my.. um... work.

This is a 2x2 rib, knit really loose. It's a lacy effect, I guess, and frankly? Good enough. For "lace". At this point. I like it a lot, actually, and a GUY at work actually came over to me to say that he liked it! If a GUY says that, it must be good.

Now? To see how big I can get it before I can mail it!

Verde emailed me that I should find someone to help me with my frogging but honestly, anyone but Verde would make it worse -- the mohair in this yarn turns knitted bad attempts swatches into VELCRO. Dude. It's really all snugly tangled together.


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