20 February 2006

Amazingly enough, I'm still alive.

This was me, last Monday. I don't even remember taking the picture. That's me with Kahlo, for anyone who's doing the Who's The Catchen Wearing Fraro game. Just a bit of free advice from me to you: don't get sick. It sucks monkey rocks, and then sucks some more. If you can't avoid getting sick, given that's the popular thing to do and all the cool kids are doing it, then by all means avoid Biaxin. I love that it's curing my sinus infunktion, I hate the side effects. I hate the nightmares and the hallucinations and throwing up and the tummyaches and the bad mouth taste and the overtiredness and the weepiness and the missingworkness. Not to mention that one 36 hour stretch of sleeping/living/gameboying/sidekicking/being licked by cats in the bathtub. Sinus infections? Suck. I have never had one before. I hope to never have one again.

I did manage to finish one! one! legwarmer yesterday. Someone, give me a medal. I didn't put up a picture of the whole thing because it's pretty sad to pose for a picture with one legwarmer. Makes me feel all ghetto thinking about it. So coo at the texture, and pretend you can envision the legwarmers. They will be plural. SOMEDAY. Really soon. I hope. It's kind of hard to knit in the bathtub, after all. Especially when you sit there in the dark, the way I do. Seven rows down, 113 more to go. MYOI.

It's been sort of a crappy week.


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