02 February 2006

airy scarf progress... or not

First attempt at the scarf. Nice size, but I thought the problem with this was that it was too loosely knit, and the eyelets weren't reading. Okay. Set it aside. Found another ball, because frogging it is murder. But THAT is another story.

Tried this. For some reason I kept going and I convinced myself that it'd all block out and it'd be okay and it's sort of nice when you stretch it, but by 9:30 last night, I admitted to myself that, hello, if I haven't knit on it for 24 hours, because I hate it, that might mean that... hmm... I hate it. Because, well... This is less "airy" and more "sort of really sad". Add to it the fact that for some reason the stitch count keeps coming up as 21 or 22 or 23 per row and try as I look at it until I'm blind from all the white, I can't see where I'm screwing up. Now how sad is THAT. I can knit a hat! I can knit a wavy scarf that's only about 32x more complicated than this, but... Sigh.

Next attempt? So totally not this pattern. Maybe it's actually too easy for me? Maybe I just hate this pattern? Who the heck knows.


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