29 January 2006

The ballad of Grover the dead muppet scarf

Once upon a time, in the frigid snows of December,
Verde went to an ye olde cheapass craft store in
Richmond, Virginia, and procured for the Frarochvia
two semi-precious 55 yard balls of Nicole Flutter
Yarn, in a blue-purple-teal colorway, acquired for the
princely sum of two dollars

The two balls languished in wound-ball-land throughout
the months of December and January, until the
Frarochvia saw fit to remove them from their purgatory
long and silent it was, in the dark netherworld of the
trunk, shrouded with plastic to keep the cat hair away
from their every flut.

Thus exposed to the light, they rejoiced, but for mere moments, until the Picasso he espyed the balls, as the Frarochvia began to knit.

But, alas. There was trouble on the horizon.

Hmmmmm, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

For the Picasso, he had found the Hiding Spot.

Let me unravel it for you, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

The balls, they flut flut flut fluttered everywhere, unraveled, shredded, drooled, chewed, love love love loved with much loving.

Chew Chew Lick Lick Love, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Somehow, the Frarochvia persevered. She wound the balls, she triple-bagged the balls to thwart even the wooing of the plastic-and-yarn loving yarnivore Picasso. And she knit. Again.

Ten stitches per row, in garter stitch she stitched. Addi Turbos in 10.5, the better to prevent the Picasso from running off with the scarf.

And she knit.

The scarf, it grew grew grew grew until the moment came and the Frarochvia had to admit it. The scarf looked like Grover. Grover's pelt. And if the Frarochvia was knitting Grover, Grover was dead. And! She was knitting a dead muppet scarf!

The Paws saw the scarf, and from the first moment she donned the dead muppet scarf, a designation so laudable that it recieved its own ASL sign name, it was kismet. And the Frarochvia said, what Picasso and g-d have put together, let no knitter unravel.

And it was good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so cute, left me in tears from laughing too much!

2:00 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

That is too funny. Are you in the Richmond area? I'm always looking for new Richmond-area knit-bloggers to add to my blogroll....

9:44 AM  

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