15 January 2006

B is for baba

Babochka and the throw, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Babachen is the greatest geriatic catchen ever. For those new of you to my blog, which would be, well, everybody, I call cats catchen mostly because in German liebchen is used to denote my little love, and frankly, those catchen? My little love love love loves.

Babochka would be the greatest love of them to me. I admit it. I am overtly attached. Her real name is something mostly lost to the ages, as she's been babachen, my little grandmother, for so long. She's now something like 14 years old, and in a few short months I'll have had her for half my life. She and I have been roommates in a succession of apartments since 1998, and her illnessess and messes notwithstanding, she is my favorite roommate. Baba and I sleep together every night all snuggled up like how a little kid snuggles with a toy to sleep with. And she's on my lap every night as I knit, and seems to be of the opinon that babas eat ice cream, milk, cheese, and chocolate. She's the babachen, I'm just the catstaff, so poking me to death and demanding to lick my lips usually occurs, and it's just a question of who can hold out the longest. I'm not ashamed to say I usually lose, because baba may not have claws, but she can lick me to death, and threatening her with a spoon disembowelment never seems effective. Wonder why.


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