05 December 2005

No Knitting

No knitting this weekend. I know! Can you believe it?

And that goes for both Verde and I.

Verde, you see, finished her internship and took Super Secret Project with her and a pair of bamboo 4mm needles with her. She lost one of them, g-d knows where. And the knit shop? Didn't have any wood or bamboo 4mms. Terrible choice between frogging and starting over on a different size, or waiting to come back where I'll give her my 4mms, assuming I haven't lost mine either to the evil 4mm monster.

Me? No knitting. I brought two projects with me this weekend, sPaws, a black Lion Brand soft suede, and Robin, a red scarf-to-be made of some Debbie Bliss stuff I would tell you about except I ripped off the label and left it at home. Bad me! Anyway, no knitting because I was so sick I could barely remember where the bathroom was and how to operate a remote control, never mind knitting.



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