23 November 2005

skeins and pornography

After casting on for the back of the pink 2x2 ribbed sweater only about 70 times, ok, more like 7, but still, isn't that excessive?!?!? I finally have the back started and on its way. I'm well behind schedule compared to the front of the sweater, but still, today while in the car wheezing and koffing I managed to finish 25 rows, which brings us to dun dun dun dun dun 3150 stitches so far today.

My life is exciting, I know.

I brought a ball of cashmere yarn with me and one of the skeins of Cascade 220 Quatro which will be turned into the Sophie purse for Verde. Verde's skein, which she picked out, is a yarn composed of four separate colors, a dark purple, a green, a sort of pink, and a cranberryish color. Verde's is 9440. I'm curious to see how it'll felt up! I also have a skein at home for myself in multicolored pinks and reds, more monochrome, which is the 9433.

I admit though I'm looking at Knit Picks at their Wool of the Andes yarns for little projects because 52 billion projects in my war chest coffee table trunk? Not enough!

I am still out there looking for a variegated charcoal/grey yarn. For a sweater. The least popular color in the universe right now, for some reason. And it was so totally in last year! Sigh.


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