25 November 2005

Rag Shop

Rag Shop is raggedy. In the we sell Lion Brand and somehow manage to not force our clerks to check out customers whilst wearing paper bags on their heads way.

Still, it was awesome to go there on Black Friday. With Huggiebear.

The goal was merely to go to a LYS near Huggiebear's parental units'. I'd whipped out my knitting Wednesday night when we got there, and Huggiemom showed me her fun fur scarf in progress. (You would have thought that'd have been a clue it was not chichi, but I don't know, I'd never heard of Rag Shop and hey any excuse to go to a yporn or is that a pyarn store).

We did get some basic notions there, which is the great thing about a non-chichi LYS. And? Yes, I got some Lion Brand yarn and I'm mostly not ashamed of it. Mostly.

One yarn I liked a lot and wanted to experiment with was Lion Suede which is really cute and nubbly and Huggiebear was evil and forced me to put 5 balls of it in the shopping cart. I have two black balls for Paws's scarf, which really needs less in the visually exciting "wow you knit a complicated stitch pattern!" way and more in the "this is a cool end treatment and man is this scarf long and narrow and really really soft and hey it's black just like I wanted" way. The other three are for a brown scarf for me. Excuse me, the coffee colorway. I have no idea why I need a brown scarf, but I need one. Um, I have a brown soft turtleneck sweater and simply have no scarf to match it! How's that? Of course I'll need brown shoes too eventually but one obsession at a time, okay.

The other thing was the yarn I really should be ashamed to be admitting in public that Huggiebear put in the shopping cart, Jiffy Thick and Quick in the Smoky Mountains colorway. Um, um, you see, it was really cute in the store and um, Mr Pointy really needed some yarn to play with. See? It takes a US 17 needle and that's Mr Pointy!

Are you convinced?


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