27 November 2005

Knit Happens, again

Huggiebear and I had the bright idea to go to Knit Happens together today.

Okay, maybe I asked to go to Arlington on Sunday all week long, with the idea that we would go eat at La Madeline and then accidentally go to Knit Happens, which is around the corner from La Madeline.

But that's not the point.

He's the one who flagged the cab to take us there, so it's all his fault, okay.

Anyway, Verde, who'd been up all night long, was for some reason out in Arlington Cemetery looking for one particular gravestone instead of sleeping at home like a good little Verde. Arlington is only a few subway stops away from King Street, which is the metro stop you'd get off at and then take the free downtown bus 10 blocks to Washington Street, and why am I telling you this? Anyway, through the magic of our respective Sidekicks, we were able to coordinate our arrivals mere minutes apart at La Madeline for brunch.

And then, the main course! Knit Happens. I glommed back to the needle room, which is painted green and has a metric buttload of needles. Did I mention the needles? I sat on the floor tearing through the Lantern Moon stuff that were in several baskets, looking for one or two in sizes I wanted, I'm realistic and everything, you know, those things are not cheap.

Huggiebear is the bestest Huggiebear in the whole wide world, and the latest reason thus far is because he has been so loving and supportive in this whole knitting obsessional freakfest thing. So you know? Walking into the needle room and saying I could have as many needles as I wanted? *snif*

Mr Pointy has a Pointy family. He's now the Godpointy.

For myself, I picked up some funky yarn to make my own clapotis with. I had eyed the Filati Shine in colorway 88 the last time I'd been at Knit Happens, so I knew that when I was still tempted, still wanted to make a clapotis with it, and it was 50% off to boot, I was doomed. I figure it'll be a great project to suck up a lot of time with and learn new things with.


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Congratulations, Mr. Pointy!

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