11 November 2005

It was not a G rated Friday

By any stretch of the imagination. Ahem. I might have been very upset. A few times. Verde might have hysterically amused.

It involved frogging.

Maybe I need to start this story a bit earlier. A few weeks ago I had the bright idea of asking Verde to teach me how to knit. As she is a right handed knitter and I am a lefthanded knitter, hijinks ensued. Especially with the whole strange notion of "learning how to knit from a book" which was shortly found to be generally a spectacular failure given the whole lefthanded not learning all that well from a righthanded book.

Anyway, Verde. Frarochvia. Knitting. Learning how. And for some reason, probably to Verde's great surprise, I glommed took to knitting with great aclarity. I learned that I liked knitting. A little bit. Not a whole lot, mind you. Certainly not so much that I started knitting on my commute to work. All day at work. My commute home from work. All night on the sofa. Dreamed about knitting. Accumulated a small war chest of knitting accrouterments and yarns. Nope. I didn't do any of that at all.

Oh wait.

Anyway. By tonight, I had done 2,000 stitches on a 2x2 ribbed scarf made of pink yarn, and 3,000 stitches of handspun recycled silk Himalayan yarn in the round. The only problems were that 1) the scarf had a missed stitch and a misdone one and um, even Verde's expert ministrations were not enough to save the scarf's life. That was mifftastic, but you know, dealable. It was a relatively easy going yarn and reknitting it would be easy enough if not exactly YAYtastic because of all the work that I'd put into it.

The silk yarn in the round? I'm pretty sure though, that it was supposed to have been knit in the round as opposed to, a Moibus strip. That might have been the point where I lost it. A little. With a few fuck! and a few goddam motherfucking piece of crap! and a few other possibly more colorful comments. Verde, of course, ate it all up. I could not let go of those goddam 5,000 stitches. Fucking goddam stitches and all that fucking goddam work. Ahem.

Even so, I was not about to um, let go easily. FROG ALL THAT WORK?!?!? What kind of monster are you!

Verde? Still thought it was all funny.

But it was frogged. Every last stitch. All 5,000. Even if I couldn't watch. And made Verde do the butchering.

So much for glorious career in knitting.


Blogger mak506 said...

And made Verde do the butchering.

Awww, I'm so jealous you have someone else to do your frogging for you!

2:14 PM  

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