21 November 2005

I'm sorry, Picasso!

Okay, so Verde and I spent a good hour or so Sunday looking for the fourth 5.5mm needle. I had two occupied with the back of my sweater, and there was one free one and where was that fourth needle?!?!?!

I should have had a clue when I said the back of my sweater.

We looked under the sofa three times. We looked under the rug. Under the credenzas. Behind them. We body-cavity searched Picasso. But he wasn't giving up his secrets. We had a hateon on Picasso.

When I woke up this morning, I figured out where it was.

Of course.

The front of my sweater. It's not cast off yet, so of course the needle was holding the whole thing together.

I feel like an idiot. Of this transgression at least, you are not guilty, Picasso, and I apologize!


Blogger Mr. Sandman said...

Love to see how you body-cavity search a cat. *snicker*

7:06 PM  

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