29 November 2005

George George George

Why do I love George so much? I don't know. But I do. Right now? I'm wearing a 9/10ths done George with a giant needle still on one end because I'm a lame dork like that. Instead of sleeping. I'm totally loving George in all his Lion Brand not-from-nature goodness. Mmmmmmmmm.

He's about six feet long now and is the width of Benkei, so I guess five inches wide?

My goal is to have George 100% done today which should be eminently doable. I want to wear him Thursday because it's colder on Thursday than it has been this past week, and I'll have the sweater combo I had on Sunday which I think will look cute with George, a variegated grey sweater with hot pink french cuffed shirt under. George will also look grrrrrreat with a simple all-black outfit, but I don't have any black sweaters with me right now, so the variegated it is for now.

What's weird though, is how much I'm sort of dragging out George's making because I'm enjoying making him so much. Has anyone ever had that happen?


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