19 November 2005

Frarochvia falls in love with Mr Pointy

Verde and I were going to Knit Happens! today come hell or high water. I for one, the knitting obsessed dilentantte was armed with a long little list of items I wanted to see if I could get there, and if nothing else, touch touch touch touch. Yarn touching is awesome, you see.

This may just be one of the few times I would prefer the Local Yarn Store, or as they say, the LYS, instead of online shopping, except for the prices and whatnot you can get online. Because? Yarn touching? Awesome. I might have said that already. Well, it bears saying more than once. Or twice. Or 30 times.

Especially if it's cashmere, but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Knit Happens! is in Old Town Alexandria, and Verde and I have gotten to know it pretty well the last couple weeks because of the blog at that store's website, along with a few other blogs. It was very weird to walk into the store and immediately find the store and the people in there familiar given all the pictures and whatnot. Hey, at least for once I didn't have to wonder who worked there and who didn't. For once.

Knit Happens!, originally uploaded by Frarochvia.

Verde and I got down to business. If molesting yarn is a business. Molest molest molest yarn yarn yarn. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn. We both fell in love with Cascade 220 in only about eleventy billion colorways and I'm not telling you how many left the store with us, except to say that hey, it's only about $8 a skein. Practically free.

We made a big mess looking for three skeins of Noro Kureyon in colorway #52. That was fun, I must admit. I'm making a Booga bag with that. That'll be fun!

I might have looked for some red yarn for my mother's project, but I certainly couldn't admit in public whether or not I bought anything for that, of course.

I got myself a little treat of a variegated cashmere yarn that picked up the lavender of my wool coat beautifully. That was all Verde's fault is thanks to Verde's suggestion.

Of course, the most important thing about the whole trip was my meeting Mr Pointy. We met, we wooed, we made exchange of vow. And if you don't know where that line is from, you suck.

Mr Pointy is a Lantern Moon single ended ebony wood needle. I suppose technically there are two Mr Pointys, but that's not as fun to say. My only regret is that the only pair I have at the moment is a 12mm/US 17, the better to knit Mr. Ball, who I will introduce to you later. Mr Pointy is beautiful, big, smooth, and simply sublime to knit with, with a heft that manages to be exquisitely light, gliding, and smooth smooth smooth to use, especially with his, er, well, point. I might be in love a little bit with him.


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